Trusted air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions tailored to your needs.



Our capable engineers are experienced in commissioning Air Conditioning & Refrigeration systems.

This detailed process ensures the systems you have ordered meet your specific requirements and are assembled and fitted correctly. This ensures optimal operational efficiency that not only reduces the risk of system outages, downtime and the cost of unexpected repairs, but achieves compliance standards and performs just as the manufacturer had intended.

Our expert team is experienced in all aspects of commissioning including:

  • pre-commissioning checks
  • mounting and hanging of units
  • maximising the use of space
  • eliminating hot and cold spot
  • temperature and humidity inspections
  • pressure testing
  • system vacuuming
  • testing compressor ampage
  • indoor air quality audits
  • leakage testing and
  • testing of vibrations, noise and light.


You can trust Carberry Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration to commission your new system with the utmost professionalism and know-how, and provide a dependable maintenance and call-out service to ensure your systems operate will optimal efficiency, are low maintenance and consistently reliable.


“We have been working with Ian & Family for the last number of years and as our company grew, our investments into our Factory grew also. With knowledge from Carberry Refrigeration, it gave us great peace of mind that we were going in the right direction with the most updated systems on the Market.

The company’s service and backup is second to none day or night, it is also very professional when it comes to new systems when upgrading on sustainability and efficiency.

I can highly recommend Carberry Refrigeration.”

Padraic McCormack | Sales & Procurement Manager

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