Trusted air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions tailored to your needs.



We understand the success of your business relies on the effective operation of its Air Conditioning & Refrigeration systems. With regular inspections and servicing from our qualified team of engineers, you can rely on Carberry Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration to identify any potential issues before they cause a problem.


Expert diagnostics

From specialist diagnostic tools that locate hidden issues to FGAS testing that ensures your system is complaint, our capable team lets you get on with running your business with confidence, knowing your systems are being expertly supported.

We regularly service cold rooms, chill rooms and freezer rooms as part of annual maintenance contracts that provide our customers with confidence their equipment will continue to operate optimally.

In fact, a regular servicing schedule can half the number of emergency call-outs throughout the course of a year, which not only reduces the inconvenience of down-time, but prevents food spoilage or productivity loss and the cost of repairs.


Temperature monitoring

We understand how important it is that your systems maintaining the right temperature. We know your business relies on it. We can help monitor your room temperatures with the installation of a Danfoss alarm monitoring system. The specialist sensor helps maintain a preset temperature and sends an alarm when the temperature is exceeded. Enjoy peace-of-mind that your systems are continuously monitored and backed up by our expert service team who are there 24/7 when you need them.


“Very professional and reliable team! A pleasure to work with over the years – no hesitation in recommending this service”

Trusted by food wholesalers, food retailers and professional workplaces to deliver the right solution, unequalled workmanship and fast, responsive customer service.